Cat Sitting Stevenage

Frequently Asked Questions

I usually spend up to 20 minutes on each visit and give all Your furry friends a cuddle. I try to minimise the stress of being alone, so if the cat wants to be left in peace, I respect that.

Usually between 9am and 9pm.

I will water a reasonable number of house plants (please move these into one room). Watering gardens takes time away from your cats so there would be an extra charge for this.

I do not use a sign written vehicle as I do not want to advertise that you are away from home. I also try to vary the time of my visits over your booked period. I will take in your post or anything left on your doorstep or in the letter box daily to minimise the appearance of a property being vacant. I can also alternate lights on and off within different rooms on request. I will also move any wheelie bins left on the driveway by refuse collection services.

I will take your cat to your own vet if necessary, It’s obviously important that you let me know of any existing ailments or problems every time you book with me.

This depends on your cat and your preference. Cats do behave differently in their owner’s absence and some may not be in when I visit. Although I do my best to ensure I see your cat on every visit, I cannot be responsible if cats do not come when called. However, some cats become stressed and anxious if the catflap is locked. Ultimately this is your decision.

For lock and key problems, if there is a keyholder I will try to contact them in the first instance. My concern is always for the cat’s welfare so if there is no alternative I will call a locksmith. For problems with alarms, if necessary I will call an alarm engineer and wait for them to arrive – I try not to leave alarmed properties with the alarm not set. It is essential that on every booking I am aware of any changes to code words for any alarms in case of problems. Any charges made by third parties to rectify problems are the responsibility of the client.

No, my insurance will not cover this and the well being of your cat is my priority while it is in my care and more than 24 hours between visits could be too long if your cat becomes sick or if any other problems develop. For your peace of mind, and my own; I visit daily during the period of your booking.

Yes you need to register with me before booking for security, key handover and other important matters relating to the care of your cat. You will only need to do this once as I will keep your details securely unless you say otherwise.

Visit my Booking page for details of registering & booking

The easiest ways to pay is via BACS prior to your departure (these details will be given to you on registration) or cash left for collection when the booking starts.

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